Discounts for Taking a Georgia Driver Education Class

In the state of Georgia, any 16 year old wishing to get their Class D Provisional License must successfully complete an approved Driver Education Class. But there are additional financial benefits to taking such a class in the form of a tax credit for the child's parents or guardians as well as a potential discount on insurance for the teenaged driver.

$150 Tax Credit

Georgia law includes a provision that the parent or guardian of a minor who takes and passes an approved Driver Education Class receives a tax credit equal to the cost of the course or $150, whichever is less. This only applies to classes issued by the private sector, so it does not include to those taught at a high school (either at public or private schools) or other public institution.

To receive the credit, the taxpayer claiming it must fill out Georgia Form IND-CR and include it with Form 500 when they file their taxes. In addition to the forms, make sure to send in proof of successful completion of the course, such as a course certificate obtained at the end of the class, and also proof of the cost of the course, which can be the receipt given by the course. These documents must be provided to the Georgia Department of Revenue when you file your taxes; it is a separate submission than when they are provided at the time of license application.

This credit is only valid once per child during their lifetime, so you cannot file for multiple credits for multiple drivers education classes for one child. The credit also cannot be carried back or forward to other tax years; it must be used in the current year.

Insurance Discount

Completing a driver education class may earn you a discount on your insurance, a real benefit as teens often face high premiums for their insurance. However, insurance companies have different policies and requirements, so make sure to check with yours to make sure you know your options and what you'll need to provide them.