Georgia Driver Ed Practice Test

1. For maximum visibility, backing a vehicle requires a driver to:

2. An appropriate following distance for most vehicles is:

3. Lap belts on safety belts should fit _________ across the waist and hips.

4. HOV lanes are generally less congested than other lanes on an expressway and are used for:

5. Tires can be hazardous if over inflated or under inflated.

6. At a four-way stop, the driver that reaches the stop sign _________ should be the _________ to go.

7. Both right and left turns require a signal of intention within _________ feet of the intersection where the turn will be made.

8. A driver's license can be suspended if a driver refuses to take a chemical test for intoxication.

9. Parking on a down slope hill requires the wheels to be turned _________ the road it is parked against.

10. Bicyclists under the age of _________ should wear a helmet while riding a bicycle.

Thanks for testing some Georgia Driver Ed knowledge with us!

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